Your organisation is looking for other forms of cooperation, co-action and new networks. Your organization is going through rapid change in the domestic and international markets. Your organization has employees of varying ages and cultural backgrounds.Your organisation wants to provide its employees with meaningful work. Work which they enjoy and work with which they can achieve a sustainable and sound result.



I will examine the query your organisation has. By using analysis, I’ll look for the question behind the question, exploring all angles and the potential solutions. My diagnosis will lead to an approach that will allow us, step by step, to explore what’s required, what will work and what will not work. I’ll teach the people in your organization to solve the query themselves, thus strengthening their own learning ability. Depending on what’s required, I’ll provide a range of roles,: that of consultant, trainer or coach. I will focus on three themes within the organization:



I deliver customized solutions. This starts with an exploratory discussion in which we become acquainted, test trust in working together, delve into and expand the matter in question and determine the desired outcome. Using this as a basis, I’ll then design a preliminary proposal. We will ultimately determine the subject matter, the direction and timing of the process and the desired interventions together.


My work involves using a number of basic principles:

  1. Using the collective wisdom present within the team or organization;
  2. Using reflection as a way to achieve a new method of interaction with one another;
  3. Learning to look further afield thus challenging the status quo;
  4. Taking responsibility for your own and the collective learning process;
  5. Making a connection between knowledge and action;
  6. Alternating between pulling back and speeding up;
  7. Merging: integration between learning in a training location and learning on-the-job.


I work in association with a network of professionals, who are devoted to their specialist work, who have a great deal of experience in in-company people management and who, with much enthousiasm, set out each day to use their talents in helping others!