reizen cameraMy travels & my camera

I love travelling this planet with my backpack and camera. I explore bounderies, I pass through them, allowing myself to be surprised by other worlds: tastes, smells, experiences. Being introduced to and meeting other peoples and cultures brings me a great deal of pleasure and wisdom.

I like to keep things simple during my travels: in making contact, the lodgings, in the manner I travel. I capture valuable moments with my camera: the beauty, the wonderment, the confrontation, the differences. My unique observations. They teach me to look again and then again, being non-judgmental, with an open mind.


Art in all its forms and expressions is an important source of sustenance to me. Artists express themselves in a special way. You don´t have to do anything with it, but you can, should you wish to. You’ll regularly find me in museums, theaters and at exhibitions. Art provokes me, giving me ideas, letting me look at reality in a different way, makes me think, offers beauty, solace and always whets my appetite for more.

Nelson Mandela 2008Mandela

In 1994 I attended a VARA-broadcast in Hilversums Media Park. Nelson Mandela was awarded, the ‘golden ball’, presented to him by Ruud Gullit. This was a unique moment for me.

Mandela created something very special in his role as a leader. By wisely using his appearance, voice and humour, he as leader, was able to manage the human extent of possibilities in the complex process of reconciliation in South Africas fledgling democracy. His leadership is a source of inspiration for my work.


Since 2003, I too have been active in South Africa, as the chairman of the board of the Foundation AfricEN.  This foundation supports educational projects in The Cape. The aim is to stimulate talented youngsters and teachers in their own personal development, whereby they themselves can help contribute to the transformation of South Africa.