I believe in people, I enjoy people and I’m curious about why humans behave the way they do. I’m an observer and a connector, I want to understand what I see and I’m fasinated by the differences and the similarities.

Ever since I was young, I’ve loved learning and developing and those are the reasons I went on to study didactics. Throughout my career I have gained a good deal of experience in various organizations and posts: as a teacher, an educational consultant, an editor-in-chief for multi media and head of school television for the public broadcaster Teleac/NOT.

I’ve been working since 2006 as an independent consultant, trainer and coach for non-profit as well as profit organizations. In addition to the lessons I’ve learned in life, these are the sources I draw my experience from.

I enjoy getting involved with people and organizations who are willing and prepared to take the next step in their development. My strength lies in activities where participants want to undergo changes which allow themselves and their organizations to function better.



My own learning path

2017 Course corporate anthropology (Academy for organizational culture)

2017 Insights Discovery accreditation (Insights Benelux)

2016 Self-management and wholeness in companies (Het Eerste Huis)

2015 Organizational & Relationships System Coaching (ORSC)

2015 Deep Democracy, level I, II and III (Academy for organizational culture)

2014 Create the work you love, Rick Jarrow (de Baak)

2012 Training Gifts Compass Inventory Advisor, Becoming a whole: Jung's 8 Types (James Johnston, USA)

2012 Leadership programme Bangalore, India: 'Connecting the dots III' (Better Future)

2011 Co-active Coaching (Schouten & Nelissen, ICF accredited)

2003 The New Manager, now the Leap (de Baak)

2000 Facilitator Creative processes (Media Academie)

1992 Master of Didactics from the University of Utrecht